6 Stage Plot Structure

I wrote a book a novel over six months ago, and before I got sick. The medication they placed me on caused major side effects and I ripped through the novel like a crazy mad editor. Here I am today trying to piece it back together bit by bit.

I found a few neat programs to use alongside Scrivener and tips I will share as I build my novel back. I am piecing it back together hoping I can have it published by January of 2017.

I won’t be listing this under any specific category, although this might change, I will list this under the tag The Great Bandit for those of you who want to follow.

For this Novel I used Michael Hauge’s famous 6-stage Plot Structure (see below) to make it easier on myself. I had plan to used the 3 Act 27 Chapter Plot Structure but had changed my mind. Like most things in a novel, plans change and this plot may change as well.

One thing you will learn about me is that I can never decide on anything including what I want to write, when I want to write, and how I want to write it. This is why I refuse to be a pantser, and must always have a plan.

If something doesn’t work for me, I leave it up but will let you know I did not use it to write the story.

So, if you’re ready, I’m ready. Let’s get started.

I have never used the 6-stage Plot Structure and am excited about using it to write my book. I hope you enjoy following along and be patient, there will be heaps of edits during this process. If you are using Scrivener, you can use this to fill in and use it as a template. I will add information for each section in a future post.








STAGE I: The Setup

        TURNING POINT #1: The Opportunity (10%)

STAGE 2: The New Situation

        TURNING POINT #2: The Change of Plans (25%)


 STAGE III: Progress

        TURNING POINT #3: The Point of No Return (50%)

STAGE IV: Complications and Higher Stakes

        TURNING POINT #4: The Major Setback (75%)

STAGE V: The Final Push

        TURNING POINT #5: The Climax (90-99%)

STAGE VI: The Aftermath




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