Short Story Lauren the Great Bandit Complete

“Talk about a rookie move. I can’t believe she put the wrong manuscript on Amazon. I’m glad she fixed it before anyone noticed. Can you imagine the damage that would have caused?”

This is the dialogue, I assume, would have played out if people knew what I did. I’m the idiot who wasn’t paying attention and submitted the wrong manuscript to Kindle Direct. It happens, and I’ll get over it. Eventually. I am proud to say I finished another short story and I am loving them. Turns out I like writing them more than I do novels. I think it’s the whole waiting on my editor that drives me nuts, and with a short story, there isn’t much waiting. I am turning my last novel into a miniseries. I thought it would better serve my readers this way and it would help with my patience problem.

This series is a different from the last one I wrote. This one is comedy/action about a woman named Lauren Kroft, not to be confused with Laura Coft Tomb Raider, who has an eidetic memory. She lives in the middle of a community that is being ripped apart by banks who are foreclosing on homes. So, what does she do? She robs them and becomes known as Lauren Kroft the Great Bandit. When the judge finds out, he forces her into the military, but not before the FBI gets their hands on her.

The entire series will be on how the Great Bandit, Lauren Kroft, morphs into this secret agent for the FBI with military background and an eidetic memory. She has a sidekick named Agent Taco, that’s Agent Taco with a long A. Lauren can pay attention to detail, yet she is still a clumsy person. I’m not sure where this story will take me, but I’m interested to find out.


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