Bidvertiser: Affiliate marketing

I haven’t really been much into monetizing my blogs or site until I found Bidvertiser

 Now, they are something to look into. I read up on them and noticed that they have a great referral program. Their referral program is a lot like other programs, but I noticed that they pay a little higher than the others do. It is all about the referrals.

When you refer someone to their site and they make their first $10 you get $10. When that same person earns $50,they will compensate you with a generous $40.

They do, however, have a few catches. You will not get paid for certain clicks on your banner. These clicks relate to multiple clicks by the same user, clicks from a different website that you put the banner on(if you have over one website, be sure to register it with them for a separate code so you will get paid for the clicks on it.), and clicks from the same banner.

You should check them out so that you can read all of their rules and regulations. I have only listed the basics of it.

Am I satisfied? So far, so good.

Payments are made by either PayPal or through a check. If you decide to get a check, wait until your amount reaches $50, at which time they will release a check to you at the end of the month.

If you have been paid by PayPal, it will be given to you once a month after your balance has reached $10.

This has been the low down on bidvertiser, where companies bid to place ads on your blog.

If you are feeling lucky, then click the link below and see what happens.
Bidvertiser pays for clicks

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