Bringing in traffic

Traffic has always been an essential part of blogging. Without the traffic or readers, your blog would be nothing.

I have discovered a few basic methods that might help you along the way. I hope that you use them because it will help you out with getting more traffic without spending a dime or causing yourself to become frustrated.

Content is everything:

Okay, you have probably all heard this one before but i had to say it again. Readers are always looking for new information that they can put to the test. They don’t want to keep reading over the same boring stuff that they have been reading; they want something fresh. Content in a post should be easy enough for the readers to read without having a college education, but still interesting enough to keep the coming back. So, whatever it is that you are blogging about, make sure that it won’t bore someone to death.

 Forums for traffic:

Most people do not realize the effect that forums can have on a person’s blog. I use a forum over at Mylot . The forums can work best in your favor if you use them the right way. You don’t want to go about it and start spamming up the forum with your blog link. I always try to find a forum that will allow me to post my blog link on my profile page. If you write interesting things, then people will wonder who you are and click on your profile page. I also use it to refer people back to my blog on my profile. If they have a question about something that I have written a post on, I tell them to check out my blog that is on my profile. This works great for traffic.

Comment for more than just comments:

Most people will read a blog without commenting one time on it. I, however, always comment. The reason for the comments, it creates a link to your blog that will attract the curiosity of other readers. Most people don’t realize that some blogs will even let you link from theirs just by typing in your comment. You don’t want to go through their spamming it up, though. I like it when I can comment on a blog and my name has my link in it. I often use the name of my blog instead of my actual name, when I comment.


Most people don’t see the power of subscribing, but I do. I don’t subscribe to a lot of blogs, but the ones that get a lot of traffic on them is always a great place to start. The reason for subscribing is so that each time the blog has a new post, you can add your feedback on it and leave your link to. If you do this to a blog that attracts a lot of traffic, then you will get some free traffic yourself. Smart idea?

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