When should you guest blog: Guest blogging

I saw many people who are eager to guest blog about anything just so they will get a link back. I would not recommend this until you have established your blog.

Take the post over at  dont guest blog until you have content . It explains the meaning behind waiting to guest blog for someone else.

  I thought about this topic for a moment and discovered that she was right. Content is everything and you might gain a link back by guest blogging, but if they see your blog and it is empty, why would they want to return?

 Make your content neat in appearance and have a lot of details that they will enjoy time and time again. You want to keep your readers returning, don’t you? Then make it worth them returning.

If you must guest blog, wait until you have at leat 20-30 post in your blog. This will open the door for the readers to keep returning so they can see all that you have written and to learn from you.

Readers keep a blog going. Without the readers, your blog is useless.

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