$50,000 one year goal

I sat this up to help guide me in making $50,000 dollars in one year beginning on this date July 11th of 2007. This is my own personal goal.

The reason for this goal is so I can prove to you that it can be done. I will list all of my earnings on a monthly basis, beginning on the 1st day of every month until I reach the end of the one year mark.

I will also list my sources of income so you can see which one\’s pay and which ones don’t. I normally don’t like to do this on my blogs, but I figured that it would be a good way for me to keep track of it myself.

This goal will also include any donations I receive through the buy me a beer post.

If you would like to follow my goal, then will check back on the 1st of each month for new updates. The updates should be added on this blog by no later than noon.Filed under: A years goal

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