I just recently signed up for a new site to monetize with. I don’t really know much about this site, but from how it looks, it might be worth checking into. The site is Bidvetiser.

The site will either pay you for advertising their ads on your site or you can do like i do and work with just referring people. The reason that I do this is that I don’t want my site to look trashy with a ton of ads on them. I still make extra money with referring people.

From the look of the site, you make money per click that you get on one ad that is placed on your site. You can also make money per referral. How the referrals work is that your referral has to make $10 and then you get $10 once they make $50 you get $40. Sounds good to me. Now, I am going to test this site out and see how quickly I can make money from them.

Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

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