The blogging burnout

Do you remember the guy who wrote the really nice post on his blogs and so you signed up for his rss feed only to realize that this guy blogs a lot and it was more of a hassle than anything? I remember that guy, it use to be me(Figuratively speaking).

I had a guy who had written some really interesting post on his blog and I am all about subscribing to great blogs until I realized that I made a mistake.

My email was full of article post from this blogger. It not only had a bunch of articles but each article would come as they were published so it created a mess in my email inbox; instead of me receiving one email per day, I was getting about ten.

I know that a lot of you are probably thinking that this guy gets a lot of traffic because of the frequent post but in reality, he was causing a lot of bloggers to talk smack about him because of the over doing of the post.

I use to do this until I realized how annoying that it was. I changed it and moved on with my life. I now try to not write more than five post on any given day on a blog. This keeps the content fresh without overdoing it and causing blogger burnout.

I also do sponsored posting and I try to work it out so that I don’t over kill on the blogging post that I put up. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

This blog is my pride and joy and I try to take very good care of it by offering frequent post, minimum sponsored posting, and opportunities that you can learn from.

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