Why I set monthly goals and why you should too

Each month, I set a new goal for myself. This goal can be anything but lately it has been more about money for me. This is all due to a new baby arriving in March and the need to become more financially stable.

I work as a freelance writer and as most freelancers know, you don’t always make the money when you want too. I keep track of my income and develop a plan to be all odds against the people who say that I can’t possibly work from home and live comfortably. Well, these people are wrong.

This month, my goal was to make $1000 using Associated Content as my source of income. I make money elsewhere but i wanted to see if I could do it again. I haven’t made this much from them in about six months. This was not due to the new policies that they came out with but more along the lines of me being busy all the time.

So, I sat my goal and am still working on it. I will however, make my goal or break the tips of my fingers trying too. I want this sooo bad that I can taste it.

I am also wanting to go back to school by next year to finish up on my degree in Journalism so that I can have that title behind me and make even more money. My dream is to write and I don’t care how I get there, but I will someday see my name amongst the top writers in big bold black letters.

Everyone should set goals each month so that they can try to accomplish them. This not only helps you out financially or makes things better for your well being, it gives you something to look forward too each day when you wake up. So, set your goal each month and then see what you can accomplish in a years time.

On one of my next blog post, I will talk about how to set you goals so that you strive to meet them each month. I will also talk about the importance of financial planning when you set them so that you don’t end up in debt trying to meet them.

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