5 Reasons why I may have stopped reading your blog

There are many reasons that people just like me will stop reading your blog. There are a few things that bloggers often do that gets on my nerves even though they may not realize it. Yes, I am speaking to you when I say that I may not be reading your blog because of something that you did. Get over it; it is no one else’s fault but your own.

Here is a handy little list of 5 reasons that I stopped reading your blog and I hope that you use this list to make your blog even better.

1. Regurgitated information

I am not saying that it is wrong to take the advice of someone else and use the information to write a blog post. Shoot, most bloggers tend to use this method when it comes to blogging. This doesn’t mean that all bloggers use information that is found on other blogs, I do it when I can’t think of something to write or when I feel that a blog has something important to say that my readers need to know about.

When I say regurgitated I am talking about saying the exact same thing. If I read something on a blog, I want to read something new that I haven’t already read before. Here is some advice, take something that you have read on someone else’s blog, rewrite it adding in your own opinions and tips, and then publish. Writing a blog post like this gives your readers something new to read other than the same blasted thing and it adds your own opinion into the mix.

2. No new post

I am like most readers and I like to read new stuff. Sure I might roam around on your blog for a while reading all of your old material but I also like reading new stuff and if your blog hasn’t been updated in over a week, you can say bye bye to this reader.

How often should you update? This one is up to you but I would recommend updating at least once a week.

3. RSS Feeds driving me crazy

I refuse to keep an RSS Feed that only allows me to read part of the post. When I want to read something, I want to do it then and not have to click over to read the full post.

I have news for you bloggers, a partial RSS Feed does not keep feed subscribes and in fact, it will cause you to lose them. Remember that email that you received saying that you lost an RSS reader? Yah, that was me since I had to click.

Here’s another tip: If you want your RSS readers to read your blog, write something interesting so they will want to leave a comment or see what else you have to say. This is a good way to get your RSS readers over to your blog.

4. Sign up to post a comment

I don’t like signing up to a blog that I may not like just to post a comment. I never have really gotten this one and I probably never will. What is the point in making your readers sign up to your blog? It doesn’t have any benefits other than the fact that you can say “oh, I got ten people to sign up to my blog”, who cares? Unless you have a well rounded number of RSS subscribers then this really isn’t important and it takes away from the time that I could be spending commenting on your blog instead of signing up to comment.

If you make your readers sign in to comment and you wonder why there aren’t very many people reading your blog or commenting this could be the reason.

5. To many links

I don’t blame a blogger for trying but when you have more links in your post than you do content, something is definitely wrong. There is a difference between trying to sell material and shoving it down your reader’s throat. Take to understand what you are doing and learn from your mistakes.

This is my top five lists of reasons I may have stopped reading your blog.

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