Link Chains to drive more traffic

Before you say it, I know what I Am talking about when I say that link chains are nothing but a way to draw more attention to your blog and it may not be the attention that you truly want or deserve.

I experimented with link chains when I first started out blogging since I heard that it was a great way for me to boost up my Technorati authority. I found out the hard way that the traffic that you get is actually pretty useless.

I still take part in them for fun, but they do not give you what you actually want, which is traffic and a great Technorati authority. Sure, they boost your Technorati authority for a little while, but once the chain dies off, and it will, your authority will once again drop.

There are better ways to drive traffic and back links to your blog other than participating in a link chain. Such things as writing better post and putting some elbow grease behind your blog will help to draw attention to it.

This being said, I couldn’t agree with myself more.(nodding)

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