Signing up for Free Stuff

Remember back in the day when we were all able to roam around the internet and subscribe to blogs just because they were new blogs and they truly had something to offer? I remember those days.

Gone are the days when bloggers blogged about different things that helped you. With the internet, we have all come to realize that just about anything that you want to know can be learned on the internet so why sign up for free stuff?

I can tell you why I sign up for free stuff. When I am visiting a blog and I have come to enjoy it very much but I want to learn their secrets more than ever, I simply look over their blog for a link to sign up for something free. Nearly every blogger has started to do this.

When you sigh up for their free lessons or to their RSS feed you are giving them your email address but in return, you often learn something new that you didn’t know before. This doesn’t mean that you should run out and subscribe to all blogs, but find yourself a couple of blogs that you like and see what they have to offer.

Blogs offer such things as free ebooks, free lessons, free articles, and lots of other free stuff to learn from.

My first free deal that I signed up for was one that Garry Conn had done and I can’t remember what it was that caused me to sign up but I can tell you that I still sign up for his free offers just because I know that I will be learning something from him.

I plan to do something in the future to offer my readers something free so that they can learn as I have learned.

If you really want to get some attention to your blog, offer something free but not just anything, it has to be good and worth their wild.

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