Google Updated Keyword Tool: Good news for bloggers

It was bound to happen and it finally did and boy am I glad to see this. If you don’t know what the Google Keyword tool is, sit back and let me explain.

Google Keyword Tool

Google keyword tool comes in handy for bloggers and those who like to write for the web. It shows you what keywords are used most often for a select word. For instance; if I typed in the keyword blogger, it might show something like blog, blogging, free blogs, or something like this. It actually helps you to know what keywords are the most popular and what are the related keywords are.

Why is this beneficial to a blog?

If you are trying to get more traffic to your blog, this could come in handy since you would be learning what keywords have the most traffic. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have some competition but you could always do what I do. I play with keywords. I not only use my main keyword, but I also add in a few related keywords and then check the density on it to make sure that when someone does a search on that particular item they might find me.

When people do searches on search engines like Google, they may not always use the keywords that you would use and this is why it is a great idea to play around with keywords.

New Features for Google

For those of you who love to write on the web whether it is freelancing or blogging, you should know that evergreen keywords are the best to use. Evergreen is a term used for keywords that will continue to pop up time and time again. For instance; the word “Christmas” will always come around every year around that holiday. If you were to take an evergreen keyword and use it, you will continue to draw attention to that not only when it is popular for that day but also around that time of the year.

For some reason there are certain keywords that only pop up more frequently during certain periods of the year.

Since the Google Adwords Keyword Tool allows you to see the popularity of an item according to month you will be able to find the right time and right keywords to focus around for future post and hit it while it is hot.

I use this when I blog and when I am doing some of my writing for online websites. I haven’t tested this out in the real world yet but I do plan too just to see if the searches also apply to what people but during that time and not just what they read.

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