Blogging with an action plan

There are a few things that many bloggers should do along the way to making it to the top. These are merely suggestions but they have proven to work for many just like me. I am not saying that I am at the top but I do plan to be there soon.


Every blogger needs a plan. A plan can be simple or rather complex. A plan can list your goals and ambitions so that you can continue to profit or it can be merely be to become better at writing or blogging. The plan is up to you but without a plan, you will probably fail. I have a white board that is tacked to my wall near my computer. On my white board is a list of goals, actions, and plans that I will be taking for the week. My white board serves a roadmap to my future in blogging.


There are many things that you can do to prepare yourself for what is to come. If you plan on bringing your blog up to par with the rest of the top bloggers, preparing yourself is the best thing to do. Every night before I drift off to nod nod land, I write down a list of things that I want to talk about on my blog. Writing down a to-do list will get you in shape and prepare you for what you will be doing and what you want to talk about.


Promoting is something that every blogger should do whether they like it or not. Promoting helps to get your blog known and there is nothing better than self-promoting. Self-promoting is often free and doesn’t really require much. When you are at another blog and you read something that intrigues you leaving a comment that is relevant is a little bit of self-promotion. Another way to self-promote is to write blog post that is interesting enough for other blogs to blog about you.

These three topics will have you working for yourself in no time and at the very least they will help to get you known out in the blogging world.

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