SEO Tip: Seductive, Sexy Keyword Titles by Aaron

Guest Post By: Aaron @ Full Tilt Blogging

When we think about creating pages/posts that will score well in
search engines we think a lot about the keywords we are targeting.

We want keywords in the title of our page/post
and we want them in the links and we want them in the actual content.
All these things will get us better position on search engines.

But our goal isn’t really just being at the top of Google for a significant term. Heck, Google calls me a Google SEO expert—but that isn’t the goal. It does us no good to get to the top of Google alone.

Now before you stone me as an SEO heretic, let me explain.

We want to score highly on search engines for keywords related to our posts that people will actually click on.

You can be #1 for a killer search term, but if nobody clicks on the link it doesn’t benefit you at all. The key is to create page/post titles that will compel searchers to click and visit the site.

What will make your page/post titles clickable? Here are some ideas:

Provide Instruction – “How To”
Give Them Tips – “10 (or 3 or 7) Tips”
Create Curiosity – “Three Things They Didn’t Tell You About…”
Use Sex – “The Sexiest Article Ever”
Create Controversy – “Why It’s a Lie”
Provide Resources – “Top 100 __________ Resources”
Use Humor – “How My Webcam Caught Me Naked”
Give Something Away – “A Free Resource to…”

Have any other ideas on making your page titles more alluring? Put them in the comments below.

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