Garry Conn’s LeaderMagic Theme

As most of you know, this blog has been a little under construction. I got a new theme by accident, actually this was a funny story. I was trying to purchase a package of 12 themes that were especially made for blogs and websites, trying to make it big with a niche. The price was awesome since they value these themes at around $50 or more just for one of them. I had recently purchased it off of post at Garry Conn Dot Com but was sent the wrong one by mistake.

I learned a lot from Garry Conn on this day. I learned that he is a real guy and not just another blogger out to make a quick buck. Garry Conn sent me his theme that is on sale which is the one that I am using and after a couple of hours when we realized the mistake, Gary told me to keep his theme. I normally wouldn’t do this since I look at it as stealing even though I had downloaded it but the theme worked great for this blog. I still plan to use the 12 other themes for my other blogs that I am putting up in the near future that is more on the lines of niche marketing.

My last theme was put out by Garry Conn also and I truly adored it. Believe it or not I actually made more money using his last theme than I did using others that I had paid for in the past. Garry Conn’s theme is free to those who wish to subscribe to his blog. After viewing this one I thought that I would give it a shot to see if I could make even more money.

Because of my frustration on setting up this blog I fired away an email to Gary and asked for his advice on a few things. His advice was wonderful, and now I truly get blogging and making money while doing it. I haven’t implemented his advice yet but you should look for this in the near future.

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