John Cow get’s slammed by commentators

I was recently visiting my google reader feeds since I often do this before I go to bed and I realized that one of the post on John Cow was getting slammed by commentators on his blog . What the heck is going on?

We all know that the original owner sold the blog John Cow dot Com and now that the new owner took over it seems to be going downhill according to the people leaving comments.

One comment told him that he was spamming his blog with affiliate links and that the old John Cow would have never done this. Another comment agreed with comment and added that they now realize that a lot of the newer post are like this.

This isn’t all that the commentators are saying, there are even some that are backing Mr. Cow saying that this post wasn’t spam but we all know spam when we see it and this was some bloggers might constitute as a bad move.

What do you think? Is the new owner of John Cow losing his mind, trying to make a quick buck, or just not use to the readers and how they would respond to something like this?

If you missed it, the post is at John Cow on How Serious Are You About Your Businsess

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