Blog Traffic by Editing Your Old Post

Blog traffic is one of the most important things to a blogger. Without blog traffic your blog would pretty much be a dead sea of topics. In order to get blog traffic there are different methods that you could use and this is only one of them. I use this method of blog traffic to draw attention to my new and older post and to create deep links within my post.

What method am I talking about? Editing your old post to include links to your new ones or to change the links that you already have to something that is much more interesting in order to get your blog post crawled again and to gain more blog traffic to them.

What this does is makes your post become crawled once again by search engines like Google. I don’t know if you have noticed but many bloggers who allow a blog post to sit for a while will usually stop getting blog traffic to that certain post or stop getting as much blog traffic as what they had. .

What I do to make my post get crawled is write my post and then bookmark them by services like StumbleUpon and then I allow them to sit for a few days and soak in all the traffic. After my post have been on the blog for a few days, I will return to it and add a few links back to my other post and it causes them to be fresh. After editing my old post, I then social bookmark it using another services. I continue this process every so often. I recommend going over your old post at least once a week and if you have a ton of old post, and then pick a few post to edit and then do some more the following week.

I also edit my old post so that I can update it with information that I have learned so that I can continue to teach people about blogging and gaining blog traffic and other things.

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