Make Money with Blog Tips

I often tip bloggers I find interesting. If I cannot tip the blogger, then I look for something on their blog that might help them out. Recently I was wondering how I could give back to those that tip me and I came up with a great conclusion; add a tip me link to my blog and allow those who tip to receive a link in my top spots.

I put the tip jar at the top of my blog so that many could see it and be able to know that they can tip me and get a link on my blog. If you want to tip me and get in on my top spots, click on the link in my sidebar that says “get in on my top spots”. If you want to get one of these for your blog, then you need to click on the link that says “get one”.

This does not interfere with Adsense or any other monetization that you might have, since people are merely tipping you and not actually buying a link from your blog. Be advised that if you use one of these widgets on your blog, the owner takes a chunk of change from the tips you receive and they only pay you by PayPal once you reach $25. Other than the fine print, everything seems to go pretty good for it.

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