How Many Post Should I Write?

I was recently contacted by a friend who was starting a blog. My friend asked me how many posts he needed to write before seeking out traffic to his blog. I studied traffic for a while and have started to rebuild this blog so that it could be a lot better and draw more traffic to it. My friend had asked me a question that many bloggers ask.

I once had a top blogger tell me that a person should write at least 50 blog post before ever seeking out traffic. If you have 50 blog post then your readers will have something to read while they are at your blog. I would try to write as many blog posts as I possibly could before seeking out traffic so that even the readers who have been there for a while will still have something to read even if you only update a few times a week.

After writing some post and getting it set up on your blog, I would recommend that you blog at least three times a week and set up a schedule that your readers can follow. I don’t have a schedule at the moment and this is due to school starting and running a ton of errands. I do plan to get back on schedule next month and will release a post on the new schedule once all the back to school drama has gone.

Once you get your blog post set up you can start getting traffic by many different ways such as social sites or by leaving comments on others blogs.

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