Article Swapping Can Get You More Traffic

Many of you have probably heard of writing free articles for such websites as but what about article swapping to gain more traffic? I want to dig into this a little further so that you can see the benefits of using article swapping and how you can keep from getting smacked by Google for duplicate content. Follow me and learn how to do this…..

I have done this in the past and love it very much. I actually recommend doing this for many reasons.

  1. Article swapping gives you a break from your blog
  2. You get a link back to your blog
  3. It is easy to do
  4. It can increase traffic to your blog

Now that you know my reasons I will explain how to do this and why you should.

Find a blog that is in your niche

You don’t want to find just any blog, you want to find one that is in your niche and one that you enjoy and believe that your readers will too. One you find your blog you will want to contact the owner of the blog.

Contacting the owner

Many blogs now have a contact page and if they don’t you can always leave them a comment asking to do an article swap.

What if you have trouble finding a blog

There are many communities that now have ways for you to send out mass messages to a lot of people or you can simply write a post on your blog asking people if they would like to do an article swap with you.

How to swap

From this point on I will show you how you should do an article swap so that both parties will benefit from this.

Choosing an article

Keep in mind that your readers will be reading the article so you want to pick an article that is nice, easy to follow, and gives the readers something that they will learn something from depending on your niche.

Re-writing the article

This is pretty easy. To re-write an article you simply need to reword the article and change the title. Before you begin doing this you should make sure that the original author of the article is alright with you changing the article up.

Give a little link love

Now that you have your article re-written you will need to give the author of the article some link love letting everyone know that the article was originally cited from that blog. Both parties can write their own byline or each can choose what they want to write at the bottom of the post as long as both parties agree and both get a link back.

What does this create

It gives you a break from trying to think of something to write. It gives you some link love and it also gives you traffic when others click on the link from the other blog.

Does the blog have to be popular, have a high page rank, or a lot of traffic?

You never know when a blog is going to take off and wouldn’t it be great to have a connection with them when they do? I love chatting it up with new blogs since these are the ones who are going to work hard at the beginning to get as much traffic as possible and they might even jump to the top bloggers before you know it. There is a such thing as linking to bad blogs such as porn sites or gambling sites. Make sure that you look around their blog before you do an article exchange to see if they have any bad links going out of the blog so that you know not to link to them or you might hurt your blog.

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