Keywords in Your Title

I wrote a post before on the power of keywords in your title
but wanted to touch a little more on this. I recently ran into a post on that talked about keyword stuffing in your title and how this
could actually help you to gain traffic to your blog.

For instance; if I were to write a post on mountain bike
gear I might add that into my title. I would also narrow the keywords down if
your post is about a specific keyword such as a certain gear that you can
purchase for when you are mountain biking.

Using keywords in your titles makes it easier for people who
are searching to find your post. I have a bad habit of not doing this even
though I know that it can draw in more traffic. Using keywords in your title is
all part of SEO
(search engine optimization).

A good way to use keywords in your title is to think of
something snappy that would draw the attention of readers but you don’t want to
stray away from your keywords either.

When I am writing articles for online companies I must use
keywords in my titles and throughout the body of my text. I have learned that
using the keywords closer to the front of your title will actually draw more
traffic than it would if you were to use the keywords in the middle or towards
the end.

The best advice that I can give you on using keywords in
your title to gain more traffic is for you to kind of play around with
different titles on your blogs post to see which way the keywords works best
for you.

There are those that can write keyword rich titles and
still be able to write something snappy and then there are those that use plain
jane titles that are still rich in keywords to draw readers. Whichever way
works best for you is the one that you should use.

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