Leading a Double Life

I was very bored when i decided to start surfing around the internet. I stumbled upon this site that had many celebrities who were scrambled together to see what each other would look like.

This is a site that you need to check out on Double Faced Celebrities for some good laughs.

I started thinking about how I could use this in a blog post and came up with this….

Those of us who write on the internet usually lead a double life like these celebrities faces. We often try to make ourselves to look better than what we actually are.

I don’t know how many times I have seen those same old make money scams with a picture of someone sitting on top of a high dollar car. The funny thing is that many pictures can be altered to feature just what you want them too.

Is it alright to lead a double life on the internet if no one will find out about it? To some extent it is fine as long as you don’t over do it but you should never claim to make a lot of money doing something such as writing or blogging if you really don’t.

When I first started blogging, I ran into a lot of people who would say that they make a 6-figure income by blogging and yet the seldom ever wrote a post. How is this possible? I haven’t figured this one out yet but I will tell you that I have learned from experience that if you don’t blog often then you will eventually lose all of your readers.

What do these double face celebrities teach us? Even someone who looks pretty on the web could be leading a double life.

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