Schedule Post in Facebook

I hate seeing a Facebook page that’s been abandoned and yes, I am guilty of doing this very thing. I did find out something interesting a while back and why I hadn’t taken advantage of it till now, is beyond me.

Facebook has this cool little feature called post schedule where you can schedule your post for a later time. Why is this important? Well, you can create days’ worth of post and not have to worry about constantly checking up on it. This is an awesome feature for those of us who seem to constantly land on Facebook to check our page or to post something.

Lately, I have been finding awesome stuff across the web that I must tell everyone! I know that bombarding my Facebook page with post after post, doesn’t do much except for making the people who liked it, regret their decision.

With all of this being said, you also don’t want to not post random thoughts that you have. People love it when you interact with them and sometimes news can’t wait to be shared. Also, as a Facebook page owner myself, you want to make sure that you check it every now and then so you can interact with your followers.

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