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When I first got into blogging back in 2010, blogging had pretty much taken over the internet. With this, there were thousands upon thousands of people trying to teach each other how to blog or make money online. Blogging for profit became so insanely popular that there was even a book written on Blogging for Profit.

Blogging for profit became such a huge thing that even new bloggers were trying to sell their story, although pretend, on how to make money online through blogging. Bloggers were signing up for every little thing that they could to try to gain another penny.

What these bloggers didn’t realize at the time, and what a lot of beginner bloggers don’t know, is that half of the make money online blogs are full of crap! Yes, I said it; they don’t earn real money and half of what they are selling is either a scheme or a complete and total waste of time.

These so-called blogging experts, were filling up their blogs with nothing but fluff on how to make money online. People were signing up by the thousands and getting ripped off. Bloggers on top of bloggers, were buying into the blog about money and you will make money, fluff. There were no real profits to be made here. There was nothing more than some pretend bloggers photo-shopping PayPal to make it look like they had clients and were making the big bucks.

I was one of the lucky ones. I met a girl online who is, ironically, the owner and creator of The Strength to Carry On. She took me under her wing and taught me all the outs and ins of blogging and freelance writing and how I could actually make an income doing this. She told me that earning an income online takes time; it isn’t something that you get over night and, if you wanted it, you had to work for it.

I will be discussing how to earn profits from blogging and freelance writing, among other things. These are real ways that, she and I, have found that work. I am an honest person by nature. If I find something that I haven’t yet tried, I will state that; if I have found something that works, I will let you know my results and how to make it work even better for you.

I will also be posting about how to smell the fake income blogs from a mile away, how to get more comments, more likes, and how to strategies your blog or income. This blog is fairly new and the owner hasn’t had much time to work on it, but this is where I come in; I am a bit of an entrepreneur and I love trying out new things and testing the waters. I love to write and see my name highlighted with the tagline, author, out beside it.

By: Sean MacEntee – CC BY 2.0

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