Create Great Site Content That Begs to Be Read

It isn’t just keywords that you must focus on, you need to create great site content that you visitors are going read, to use, and share. These three things will make up great site content.

Great Site Content That is Readable:

Readable content is easy to read and it content that people are going to want to read. There are a few ways that you can create great site content;

Using video or images:

Videos and images can help you create great site content because it helps explain the message a little better. It shows people what you are talking about or how to do a certain thing. The videos and images need to be relevant to the post.


Quotes, those that related to the topic, give the post more things for the reader to relate to. Quotes will often help to visually highlight the content, making it easier for readers to understand.

Short and Right to the Point:

There is nothing worse than reading content that has a lot of fluff. There is no need for fluff, get rid of it. Get to the point and do it within the first few paragraphs.


I love using sub-topics to create great site content. Sub-topics can either be numbered or highlighted. I usually just highlight the sub-topics. The sub-topics are key points within the post that go into more detail.

Great Site Content that is Usable:

People want to read information that they can use. Write something that gives your blog value. There are many ways to find content that many people want to know the answers to. I like roaming question and answer sites, these sites give me questions that people are wanting to know and I give the answer in one of my post. These are questions that people are typing into search engines.

If you use proper keyword density, write great site content, and give the answers to questions people are asking, you are going to get a lot of traffic from search engines

Sharing is Great for SEO:

When you write great site content that makes people want to share, you will get traffic. An effective post will make it sharable. If you use all the tips listed above, people will be sharing your content on social networking sites in no time.

If you look around social networking sites, you will notice that most shared content is intriguing, has an awesome headline, funny, interesting, and uses relevant images. An image is a must on your post; images show a glimpse of what your post is about, and people share post that have images more.

If you want to create great site content, you have to do the work; a post must have everything listed above in order for it to thrive online.

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