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Social Media is everywhere and if you aren’t taking advantage of it, you aren’t doing your best to get traffic to your website or blog.

Every successful blogger uses social media networks to get more people to like, share, and read their page.

What are Social Share Buttons

In order to get people to like and share your content, you must have share bars or buttons; these are buttons, links, and images that make it easier for others to share your content on social media networks.

If you are using WordPress, there are WordPress plugins that make adding social networking buttons, easier to your content. For sites like BlogSpot, they have other means of doing this. There are also templates with built in sharing buttons and banners.

When you add these social media buttons, I would only use the main ones that most people use such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc. Having too many makes things look cluttered.

Once you install these social media buttons onto your blog or website, start sharing it yourself; sharing it from the page will often get others to share it since most social media buttons show how many times that article or post was shared.

When you add your social media buttons to your site and you share it, make sure you either you tell others to share it as well. I normally use a hashtag that looks like this #retweet #share or #worthsharing.

Where to place these Social Sharing Buttons

Place your social sharing button close to the content to make it easier for people to find. There are a lot of free plugins that will allow you to do this. I have found that placing social networking buttons at the end of the content gets the most attention. I have also placed some of the most popular ones towards the top. Some people may not have time to read the information so they use the social share buttons to pin the post, tweet it, or add it to FaceBook to read later. I have to admit that I have actually done this before just so I would be able to go back and read it later.

I have also found, through research of my own, that it is better to have the social sharing buttons that don’t use a drop down. People don’t like having to click a lot to get to where they want to go. Also, when people can see the social networking site that they use the most, they are more likely to click on it, versus having a drop down that makes them search for what they want. Lesson here is to make it as easy as possible on your readers.

Social Signals

When a piece of information is shared on a social media site, it causes search engines to think that it is of more value because people are interested in it. When content seems more valuable, it gets ranked higher.


Getting the most out of Social Media Networks

If you listen to a lot of bloggers, they will tell you to only focus on two primary social media networks and use those to keep people updated on your blog post. I am a little different I guess. I have found that if you post too many social networking sites, you get more traffic and it only makes sense.

Here is what I do; there are a lot of useful plugins that allow you to post directly to social networking sites. I have one on WordPress that automatically updates sites like FaceBook and Twitter each time I post. These are my two main sites that I focus on. I also post different things to these sites to keep it friendly and to keep people interested in following me. I also post links to sites like Google+ and Pinterest. I keep all my social networking sites updated often. I post random links from my blog into different social networking sites. I don’t use the same ones when posting though. Posting different links to different social networking sites, keeps things interesting for those who are following you on more than one site so they don’t feel like they are being spammed or like they are reading the same information over and over.

Making Social Networking Sites More Friendly

If you are using social networking sites, you need to check them at least every other day for comments, shares, and likes. Always, double-check your post before posting to make sure that it is written correctly, the spelling is up to par, and you have a keyword in your post.

Using social networking sites to get more page views is crucial to your blog or website. Everyone and their mommas are on social networking sites these days. If you are not using it, you should be.

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