How to get Amazon Verified Reviews for Little to No Money

There are a lot of Amazon products that go unnoticed for not having any verified reviews. It is a lot easier than you think to get Amazon verified reviews; I know this because I have been doing it for a while.

There is a site I love called Fiverr. Fiverr lets you order gigs from people for $5 and they will do things such as; order your gig and write an Amazon verified review.

How do I do this?

  1. Go to your Amazon account and create a product code or gift card. You may need to create more than one to cover the shipping and product cost.
  2. Go to Fiverr and place a $5 order for an Amazon verified review(make sure that this person does verified reviews)
  3. Send the person the link to the product along with the product code (make sure that this person will do this; some don’t and it won’t help you save money if they don’t)
  4. Send an empty envelope with a tracked postage stamp on it (this tricks the amazon site into thinking that you delivered the product)
  5. It may take a few days and the Fiverr gig may go into default but tell them to not write the product review until after it shows they delivered it. (if they write it beforehand, the review might not stick. )

What if I have a Kindle Book that needs to have a verified review?

Glad you asked. It is basically the same concept on you can get this cheaper because you don’t need to send anything out if it has the capabilities of being downloaded. Also, if this book is in the kindle unlimited, please read below for details on how to get the review written for absolutely nothing extra.

There you go, pretty simple. The only thing that you will really be out on is the shipping cost and the envelope. If you are wondering who the best person is on Fiverr to do this, we have a writer right here that has an Amazon Verified Account and does this exact thing for people like you. She actually has a ton of verified Amazon accounts so you can order more than one and she can do it for you. Also, she has a kindle unlimited account so if your book is on the kindle unlimited then you can mention this to her and she will download your book to read and review it as soon as she is done; normally this takes 1-2 days. If it isn’t on the kindle unlimited, then you should follow the steps above for creating a product code.

There are a lot of other gigs that she offers as well, and they help many businesses in the social media market. These gigs even help bloggers, businesses, real estate agents, and so much more.

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