What Makes a Successful Writer

I have written plenty of articles which I had to research first, but I also know I write my best when I know everything on the subject first. When I know little about the subject, it takes longer to compile the research and write the article.

While researching what makes a successful article, this is what I found:

  • A successful article will add something new and valuable to the internet. There is too much information on the internet that is a rehashed.
  • Content length plays a role in article writing. Most shared articles, are between 700 and 1,500 words. Most articles this long give enough detail to explain the standpoint. The higher word articles are shared among PC readers whereas the lower end  articles are shared on mobile devices. This doesn’t mean an article won’t be shared, this is just what I have learned though research.
  • Images help the article along. A successful article will have a few images spaced throughout. I use at least one image and  always make sure the image applies to the article. People who are searching for images on the subject will see your image linked in your article, and people who use Pinterest will share them. Most internet readers are visual readers; placing the images in relevant spots throughout the article will help. If a program like Microsoft Word is being used to write the document, add-ons like Picket can help do relevant searches for images. With Picket add-on, you highlight the word you want a relevant image for, right click and then click on Picket to find images to add to your document.
  • Videos can help spruce things up. Successful articles contain videos to prove a point, explain something further, or on how-to articles. Articles don’t always need videos, but if there is a relevant YouTube video, why not share it on the article and gain extra views?
  • Maps, Graphs, and Tables are a great visual tool and top rated articles use these to further explain their point.
  • Poll and Quizzes help readers see what others think, and it helps the writer know the opinions of others. I have used these to gather information for upcoming articles.
  • A custom summary. Think of a summary like a Tweet; you only have a few words to get people to click, take advantage of this and make every word count.
  • Formatting for reader ease. The readers shouldn’t have to carry around a dictionary or have to adjust their screen just to read your content. The content needs the right spacing, images spaced out, paragraphs spaced, uses bullet points or numbers, and be on an eighth grade reading level or below.
  • Make the Content Easy to Skim. This goes with the bullet point above; readers skim and so the content should be easy to  skim.
  • A successful article uses relevant links, banners, and ads.Google AdSense is a good way to monetize, but it can hurt an article if it  displays unrelated ads.
  • Be concrete and specific. The more specific, the better the content. Leave out content that is not relevant. Lead with the facts instead. Fluff is never good.

Now you know what makes a successful article, what article do you plan to write.

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