5 Types of Writing

There are five types of writing; narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive, and creative. These four writing types can overlap each other, and each one has a different purpose.

Narrative Writing:

This writing recounts personal experiences as a story and always includes characters, a setting, and a plot. An example would be a short story, a novel, narrative poem, or journal. A narrative lets the writer create a character, or characters, for the reader to follow.

Descriptive Writing:

Descriptive writing uses vivid images when describing people, places, or events so that the readers can vividly “see” what the writer is describing. An example of descriptive writing is menus, posters, and travel brochures. We often see descriptive writing overlapping in narrative writing. Descriptive writing appeals to all five senses using words, images, and details. They use figurative language such as similes and metaphors.

Expository Writing:

This writing provides information that explains, clarifies, and defines. An example of expository writing would be an essay, research paper, report, or manual. The writer does not insert his opinion into the writing; the writing is facts. In Expository writing, we break the paper down so that the reader can understand everything within it. For instance; it might break an article written for a new drug down in terms so that everyone can understand its use, otherwise “four-dollar terms” might not be understood and the new drug might never go on the market.

Persuasive Writing:

During debates, we use persuasive writing since it gives an opinion using facts to convince the reader to agree with the writer. An example of persuasive writing is movie reviews, restaurant critiques, newspaper editor letters, and essays. Persuasive writing is a sells pitch whereas the writer is trying to “sell” his viewpoint to the reader. The writer begins with his position, followed by facts supporting his position, and ends with a call-to-action. They design their entire content on logical and emotional appeals to win over their audience.

Creative Writing:

Creative writing entertains the reader. An example of creative writing is a short story, novel, poem, or play. Creative, narrative, and descriptive writing are similar and are used together in writing.

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