Being a Writer with Migraines

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You got to love migraines; they come when unexpected, especially while you are trying to be a writer. Nothing is worse than having a pounding headache, unable to see, inability to focus, and yet your mind keeps going back to your writing project. Writing with migraines is a bitch.

So, how do you be a writer with migraines? Simple answer… you don’t. You wait until the pain goes away, and then you wait another few days to a week for your vision to come back. Oddly enough, your mind won’t stop wondering back to your book, blog post, freelancing project, or any writing.

If you are anything like me and impatient, you can set up your voice recorder on your phone as soon as you feel a migraine is coming. If you don’t think you can work your phone during your migraine, try a simpler recording device. You can pick one of these up on Amazon.

I record what’s on my mind so I don’t miss what might be important to me being a writer.

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