The Dog Channel Pissed My Dog Off

Gary, a friend of mine, has a house full of dogs left by his late brother Ronnie, who was also my friend. He’s been living with them for almost a year. It’s unclear what he’ll do with these dogs, and he’s trying to find them homes. However, most of them are very large, and no one wants a large grown dog they didn’t raise.

 In Gary’s case, he discovered the Dog Channel and saw that his dogs would watch it for hours. Gary came home from work to a mess in his house before he started putting on the Dog Channel for them. It eventually became a daily necessity for him to leave the house. 

There were some chores Gary needed to do that would take approximately two hours to complete. As always, he turned on the dog channel before leaving the house. He noted that the television, a 50″ he had bought for his brother just before he passed away, was sitting on an old stand. He would set things around it to keep the dogs from knocking it over. 

When he came home today, he peered into the window to check on the dogs and caught Romeo, a mix-breed that stands as tall as him, standing on his hind legs leaning against the television stand and peeing directly on the television. Initially, I thought he meant Romeo knocked down the stand, but when he explained the permanent streak on his 50-inch television, it took me a while to stop laughing. 

I have follow-up questions. What exactly was on the screen?

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