Page Rank jumped to a 3

Not bad for a blog that hasn’t been out here for long, huh? I was excited when I noticed this. I would have probably never noticed if I wouldn’t have won the contest over at Online Opportunity.

I always forget to check my page rank to see if it has gone up. I also noticed that my Technorati authority has been slowly creeping up there. I worked hard in the beginning of this blog to create a blog that would jump up in page rank and authority and I am almost there.

I do need to work on my Alexa ranking to build it up. I want to create an even better blog and I figure that people will hopefully link to me or leaving more comments on my blog.

I noticed that since I haven’t been writing as much on here as what I had been, there aren’t as many comments. This is all about to change. I will beat the crap out of people’s blogs until they have no choice but to visit mine. How am I going to do this? Old school style, duh. I will take my advice and use my own tips to create a better blog. After all, I must be doing something right. It was probably all the listening that I have been doing on other bloggers in the blogging world.

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