Is Yuwie becoming more addictive than Myspace

Yup this is the question that has been on many blog posters minds. So, is it becoming more addictive? has been around for a while now and Yuwie has only been here for a few months but already Yuwie is climbing up in the ranks for a social networking site that pays you for your time.

How does work? Well, some of us are still trying to figure this one out but there are a lot of blog post on the site that try to distinguish between what you will be paid for and what you will not be paid for. Basically, you get a page view everytime someone views your blog, profile, or almost anything else. The key to getting more page views is to get more friends.

How do you get more friends? I am very careful with whom I chose to be my friend because of all the drama that a social networking site can cause. I pick the ones that actually interest me the most and the ones who communicate with me and my blog most frequently, are the ones who help me to make the most money, these people are the ones that go in my top friends list so that I can remember to check up on them also to return the favor.

 The other friends are the ones that I will stop by to see what they are up too ever so often to see if I can get them to check out my blog. If they don’t, then I don’t continue to bother with them. There is also more money to be made when you view your own profile and blog.

Every page view equals more money for you. This is such a great way to build up your online income and you can also add blog post that have a link to your other blogs or content on writing sites like Associated Content which can help you to get even more money.

Everything about Yuwie is explained when you first sign up with them. It covers what is a page view, when you get paid, how to make more money, and what not to do on their site.

This site is a family friendly site and they are removing any pornography or indecent activity off of their site unlike, they actually do take care of the business and quickly.

 So, you want to sign up with So, go for it and see what might come from a little bit of blogging.


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