EntreCard to get more blog traffic

I am like most bloggers when I say that I am often looking for ways to get more blog traffic. I even blog about blog traffic as often as I can to help you out when I find a fresh way of gaining blog traffic. Blog traffic isn’t the only thing that I look for though, I am more concerned about return visitors and RSS subscribers than I am the actual traffic that comes to this blog.

I recently Stumble upon EntreCard after seeing it on someone’s blog. I heard many things about them and wanted to put them to the test. I have been busy with the children’s school but feel that I needed to give something to my readers to get the to want to read more so i came up with this post on EntreCard.

EntreCard is supposed to be a way for bloggers to gain more traffic and to help each other out. Entrecard even has their own search bar to help you out with using their website. I only installed the search bar a few days ago and have only just begun experimenting with Entrecard.

Entrecard works by allowing you to search through blogs and gain points by dropping on other blogs\’ entrecard banners. Yes, they do require you to place a small banner on your blog.

I also learned that you can place a banner you made either by yourself or a generic one from their site, on other peoples blogs. You can place your banner on your choice of blogs through points. Each blog has a certain amount of points that it cost you to place your banner on their site for 24 hours.

Entrecard also gives points to you each time that someone drops on the banner that is placed on your blog. The more active you are with the site, the more it will cost someone to place a banner on your site. Everything is automated and when someone by a spot from you through points, those points are yours to keep or give to someone else to allow you to place a banner on their site.

I was curious as to how many people use entrecard to get blog traffic and how well it has worked for you? I have seen this on many popular blogs and figure that I will give it a month before I decide to keep or remove it from my blog.

Wish me the best of luck and hopefully entrecard will work out for the best to not only gain blog traffic but to gain blog readers.

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