My daughter’s birthday; wishing her a good one

On September 1st it will be my daughter(Autumn)’s 7th birthday and I was hoping to give her a special one. On this day I am hoping to surprise her with the help of the internet. Autumn is having a little of difficulty in school and she could really use some support so on her birthday I will place a post on this blog to wish her a happy birthday and I would appreciate it if you could all do the same in the comments area.

While you are wishing her a happy birthday, I would also like for some of you to do things such as tell her that school is cool or something to that affect. When I say that she is having trouble; I transferred her from another school because this one is actually better than her other school, but now she doesn’t want to do the work because she says that she doesn’t understand it. Autumn has basically given up on school and she is only in the second grade which is bad. As a mother I am always helping her, but she is also having trouble making friends since the teacher won’t let her play on the playground since she refused to do the school work.

I don’t want my daughter to flunk out of the second grade, and I want her to understand that school can be a very cool thing. I would hope that you could stop by here and wish her a wonderful birthday. We will be gone for most of the day, but when we get back, I hope that she will get a lot of comments for her birthday.

I know that her birthday falls on Labor Day this year and that you will probably be busy but at least take the time to please stop in or send me an email at to wish her a wonderful birthday and motivate her for school.

Thanks to all of you who will participate in this.

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