Open Letter to John Chow

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Oh man I really hope you read this. I am a single mother who can’t work a regular job due to basilar migraines. I have worked many jobs and have been let go time and time again because I am a “liability” to the company. It sucks but there is nothing I can do about it. I am also in the Army Reserves for the United States; don’t ask me why the Army chose to keep me if a basic company won’t.

The Army has helped to shape me as a person.
photo credits: R.D. Hayes

Anyways, I have been writing since 2006 but later stopped due to family problems. In 2012, my husband and I separated, my house got hit by a tornado, I lost my job, and we had to move… yes, all this was in the year 2012 in the matter of six months.

So, now that you have a bit of background about me I am going to tell you my problem. I woke up this morning and realized that it was the 5th of January and my car payment was due, my cell phone payment was about to come out of my bank account in two days, my rent was just around the corner on the 10th, my electric and water was probably going to be shut off in the matter of a couple of weeks, and the milk in the fridge was spoiled. I looked at my bank account and began shaking my head. I looked at my children and realized that something had to change. I had a total of $68 in my account with no money coming in. I had written every now and again to try to get a bit of money but that money was not enough to pay our bills.

I have read your e-Book , The Ultimate Online Profit Model, and became fascinated by it. I sat in my nice cozy chair and wondered how much of this was garbage. I sat there staring at the text, wondering why someone as rich as you would try to sell me a bunch of crap that probably would not do me any good but make you richer; that’s what rich people do, they suck the money from the not so rich right?

I sat there even longer and thought, what if this was our way out and I was about to pass up an opportunity because I had been ripped off before and refused to do it again. I watched as my hand reached towards my wallet to pull out my credit card. At this very moment was when my other hand reached and smacked it! I couldn’t do it, even after all the guarantees and promises that you made in that eBook. John Chow, I couldn’t do it.

I would be nuts to take our last bit of money and spend it on something that may not work. Normally when you sign up for something like this, you sink deeper into a scheme that tries to sell even more stuff to you. For instance; most of these require you to also buy a domain name, advertising, splash pages, and so much more, things that I wouldn’t even be able to afford if I wanted too.

I appreciate the offer and I believe that you had to have made your millions somehow but I just can’t do it. I will however, be writing a book review on this very ebook, The ultimate Online Profit Model,  and system that you use.

Until I am able to afford to “give it a shot” I will live in my broken down world hoping for a miracle and hoping that we don’t starve to death in an economy that I am too proud to beg in.

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