Character’s Fears

It’s important to understand your character. The more you understand your character, the easier it will be to write the story. I have listed a few questions to ask about your character. If you’re using Scrivener, you can add this to your character folder and save it in one of your templates.

Each character needs a spreadsheet with these questions.

I will ask the questions and fill in the answers I used for writing my novel, The Great Bandit. Keep in mind that some of these might have changed since this book is still in the editing phase. This is a quick sketch and only here as an example ,

Situations that one avoids:

Lauren refuses to be weak.

the Greatest Failure or Mistake:

Being alone her entire life because she always profiled people and couldn’t see past their flaws.

The Lie the Character Believes:

That she lives a normal life like everyone else. She is not normal. She has an eidetic memory.

Deepest Worry:

That people will find out she is the Great Bandit.

Emotions that Cause One Pain:

Envy, Love

Wounding Event:

Her only friend and neighbor turns her in for the reward money.

Relationship Issues:

Fears Intimacy.

Secret That Causes Shame:

She wishes someone would kidnap the rich girl and then someone does and she must find her.

Greatest Fear:

That she will be like her mother and not care about anyone but herself.

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