Convert a PDF to an Image File

This tutorial teaches how you can turn a PDF file into an image file. There are plenty of ways you can do this but, one of these methods I teach is free. The other way is by using the pad version of Adobe Acrobat Pro, which allows you to export a PDF into an image file.

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PDF file into an image file for free

Use your internet browser and open PDF to IMage. Click on the file type, “PDF to JPF” or “PDF to PNG”, then click “Upload Files”. This will open either a File Explorer for Windows or a Finder window for MAC.

Select the PDF you want to convert and click “Open” on the bottom of the screen. Once you open the file, it will pull it into the website and upload it. It will convert it into an image file. This may take a while for it to finish depending on how large the PDF file is.

Once it has finished, click the grey “Download All” button at the bottom of the page. The files will download in a ZIP folder on your computer.

You can view the files by opening the ZIP folder, clicking on the folder, and selecting an image.

PDF to IMAGE in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Open Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and click on “Tools” in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

One the right are different tools you can click on. Look for the one that says “Export PDF”, the button is green with an image of a page  an arrow on it. Click the button and it will open a page that says “Export your PDF to any format”.

Click the link that says “Select a File”. Choose the file you want to convert and click “Open”. This will upload your PDF file into Adobe. (You can only import one file at a time)

Once you have chosen your image and imported, select “Image” to the right of the file and choose the image file you would like to export to.

Select “Export” then choose the folder to export to. Once finished, you can click closed and your new image file will save on your computer.

Plenty of free Windows Apps exist that convert PDF files to Image files but, since I have not tested them, I chose not to list them here. If you download a Windows App, know some come at certain risk to your computer.


If you click on the PDF file, it should open Adobe and you can click on “file” at the top left-hand corner. Scroll down until you see “export” click on it and select the file you want to export it to. Then click on the folder you want it to download to and rename it. Click save once finished. 

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