Add a Link in an Image tutorial

This post was done by request from one of my readers who sent me an email asking how to add a url into an image. I use a simple method like the one that carries my RSS button on the right.

I didn’t know how to do this for a long  time and I asked one of my friends on Mylot and this was what they told me to do and it works great.

I use PictureTrail to upload my images onto the web especially when a site calls for a url instead of allowing a person to upload straight from their computer.

So, here is how you can add a link into an image the way that I do:

Upload your image from your computer into PictureTrail, you will need a picture trail account to do this. After you upload your image you should see a link that says something like “image urls” and this is where you will find the link to your photo.

Here is the exact way of placing a link into your photo:

<a href=”add link here”><img src=”add photo jpg. here”></a>

add the link that you want it to go to when people click on the image where it says add link here and add the image jpg. where is says add photo jpg. The correct link that you need from picturetrail is the one that says ‘direct link’.

Pretty simple huh?

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