Publishing My Book as an Indi Author


Over the past five years, I have worked on the same damn book. An earlier version of the book had been published, but I thought it needed to be expanded upon. By the time I was finished, I had written forty chapters, and I\’m currently working on a second book.

Here are the details:

Lauren, a sly and clumsy bank robber with an eidetic memory, is arrested and given an ultimatum. Either she joins the CIA or she goes to prison for all the robberies she committed.

Lauren\’s intelligence makes her a valuable candidate to the government, and the judge knows it.

This book, The Great Bandit, can be purchased or read with Kindle Unlimited on Amazon.

The reason it took so long:

As most of my readers know, I suffer from hemiplegic migraines that leave me bedridden at the most inconvenient times. Many doctors have seen me, I have taken many medicines, and I have been in and out of hospitals. There is a medicine that works fairly well, but it costs over $700 a month and my insurance doesn\’t cover it.  

To pay for this miracle shot, I devised a plan to get my book to market as quickly as possible. I would write no matter how short the time. I would write whenever I could. It\’s been difficult, especially since I still have kids at home, and I feel like they are taking care of me rather than the other way around.  

The extra money to hire a professional editor was not in my budget, so I had to rely on the help of others. In addition, I had to advertise it myself, which wasn\’t cheap.

I plan to update what\’s going on with this book, The Great Bandit, in a month to let everyone know how it\’s doing and what I\’ve done as an Indi author to help push it along.

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