Mylot: Post 4 Money

If you have ever asked yourself, how come you can’t get paid for the valuable information that you give to people, is there not a way to do this instead of giving it away for free. Now you can give help and make money.

Mylot is a forum community that pays you for your time spent posting on their forum. The topics range from almost anything under the sun. They are a community that pays people for their time that is spent on there typing away and answering discussions that were started by others. You also get paid for posting up discussions.

So, how does this work? Mylot pays you a percentage based on the quality of your post and the length. Referrals are also a key part of earning on Mylot . You can get referrals and set your earnings in auto pilot. Your referral revenue is based off of 25% of what your referrals earn.


I signed up for this paid to earn forum and have very much enjoyed my time spent there. I have noticed that it is very addictive. I have even been guilty of staying on Mylot until the wee hours of the morning.

My earnings started off slow. I didn’t even make the first payout within the first month that I was there. They set the payment threshold to $10 and therefore you have to meet these within a month before your earnings will be put into your account.

Once I got my feet wet and started getting referrals, my earnings have increased and I no longer have to wait two months before I get the payout.

Payments are sent once a month and usually between the first and the fifteenth, if the payout has not been met by the last day of the month, the earnings roll over into the next month.
I did notice that most of my payments are made on the tenth of the month.

I have not had time to make a more accurate way of telling how much you get paid per post. I will do a test on it in the future and at which time I will post my results. This will let you know more of how much you can get paid.

I have noticed that making comments longer and meaningful will help you make more money. Try avoiding yes or no questions.

I am also trying to implement a way to keep your referrals active and to figure out a way so we can make more money with it.

The downfall of Mylot is that they only pay in pennies, so using this as a primary source of income is not recommended, but it is nice to see that extra cash in your account each month.

Mylot accepts people from around the world to join. This is great for those who are not in the United States but still would like to attribute their knowledge.

Look for my upcoming post on how to make more money with Mylot and how to keep your referrals active.

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