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Most people ask me if there are ways for them to make money by selling their content, otherwise known as, writing articles. The answer is yes.

I sell my content all the time to companies like this one. I have found a love for writing and I want to scream it to the top of the world.

 What is this company:

Associated Content is a place for people to publish their content and to get paid. I enjoy this site very much and have made it one of my main paying sites. I get paid very well by writing articles for them.

How much will I make:

This all depends on you. They will usually pay between $3-$20 per content piece. A lot of people will usually only get paid the minimum until the Content Managers get to know them and then they will start to make even more money from writing for their company. I started out making between $3-$7 and now I make the average of $7-$12 an article. Every once in a while, I will receive a low offer for my content. I use the low offers as a learning utensil for what I should have done to make the offer go up.

 How do we get paid:

You will be paid 3-5 days after you have accepted the offer that they have given you. Once you do this, they will pay byPayPal only. This means that they are only accepting people from the United States at this time. This does not mean that you can’t get your articles published on Associated Content . You can still get them published for free.

How long does it take for an article to be accepted:

They will usually take between 3 days-2 weeks to accept an article. Not to worry though, they usually don’t take but about 3-5 days to accept an article. They allow themselves 2 weeks, incase they get busy and are backed up.

What about referrals:

Theynow offer you a way to make more money with referring others to write for them. They will pay you $3 for each person who signs up under you and gets at least one article published. This is a great way to make a little extra money.

Performance Bonus:

They are now offering you a way to make even more money even after you get your intial payment from selling your article. This is called the performance bonus. The performance bonus will allow you to make money off of each page view that you articles receive. This is a great way for you to make money promoting your content.

How do I make the most out of Associated Content :

Look forward to my post located in the tutorial sections. I will be writing this post shortly and it will have ways for you to make the most out of Associated Content so that you can make even more money with their site.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and start making money by selling articles.

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