Monetize your blog

Monetize this, monetize that. I have been hearing a lot about monetization ever since I welcomed myself into the big bad world of blogging.

So, what was all the fuss about with monetizing? Monetizing was a way for bloggers and site owners to make a little revenue from their blogs. When I say little, I defiantly mean it too. The only way that you are going to make big bucks by monetization is if you haveĀ 1 million links to your blog.

There really is no way of telling which sites are the best to monetize your site with. I use different ones for different blogs that I own. The reason for this is that I am running a brief experiment on it right now to find out which sites are the best to monetize with.

I have yet to make big bucks by monetizing my blogs, but I am well on my way. Hopefully, someday I can say that I am in the group of blogs that makes the big bucks and not just enough to support myself.


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