Picking a topic to write about

When I first started writing for the Internet, I really did not have a clue what I was doing but I wrote, anyway. Now that I have a better understanding about how you should write on the web, I have found a lot of ways to pick topics so I never run out of ideas to write about.

When you first write, it is better to write about something you know. This is because you are more familiar with it and you can list more facts. People love facts.

The first article that I had written about on the internet had to do with eating ice cream. It was more of a review on the different ice cream companies. The reason that I wrote about it was because I love ice cream and could tell you almost anything that you wanted to know about it. This may have not been a boiling topic, but it sold.

After I became familiar with keyword density, we will talk about this in a later post, I started going outside of my familiar bubble and started writing about other things that I found interesting.

The best way to find topic ideas is to look around your home. Write a lot of things that interest you and that you know something about. Write your article. It is that easy, if you can’t find anything to write about, turn on your television and watch for commercials for things like, tylenol or cars. This is a great way to unfreeze writer\’s block before you even wrote.

Here is a great article that will show you how to find article ideas by using magazines; how magazines can make you money

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