Driving the marketing on your blog

Reading through an article about how affiliate marketing and content on blogs make a difference, it got me to thinking about why blogs add marketing into every post that they offer their readers. I also noticed that on most of these blogs, they usually did not have very many readers. Why was this? I can give you my theory on it and hopefully you will learn something from it.

First of all, blogs are meant to teach and entertain people. There are thousands upon thousands of blogs on the Internet and only a hand full of them have made a six figure income off of them.

I took it upon myself to look over the top blogging dogs and to see what it was that they did differently than most bloggers. The results are in.

There are a number of things that they do differently but here is just one of them that could help you.

They don’t add affiliate marketing into every post that they offer their readers. They found a way to make their readers keep coming back for more. The cool part, they are still making money by not advertising all the time. How are they able to do this?

Well, it’s pretty simple when you think about it. No one wants to read a blog or site that offers nothing but links to affiliate programs. Most of these blogs had a 3:1 ratio for marketing post and regular post. Why did they do this? Because they figured out that people are not always interested in reading only about affiliate programs.

When I go to a blog, I want to be able to learn something from it and to not have to go through a million pages of affiliate marketing before something catches my attention. I don’t mind post on affiliate marketing because, who knows, there might be something that I am interested in, but I don’t want to read nothing but this either.

When people said that content is everything, they were right. But you have to have the right content. Traffic is what sells your items and without it you won’t get any sells. Without great content, you won’t get any traffic either. It is a bit of a circle but it can be profitable one.

Just remember, people want to be educated or entertained by your blog, this is what keeps them coming back.

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