Basics of list building

I was rummaging through a million blogs which is what I do when I have nothing else to write about for the moment, when I cam across a blog with a post on Tips for writing a list. I was intrigued with it because it was something that I have always done and it is something that I recommend a lot of bloggers and writers to do to help build readers and followers.

List are an important part of blogging. It helps to break the article or post down into little topics called sub-headliners. This is perfect for the people who only read what catches their eyes.

On the Internet, we only have a couple of seconds to catch the readers attention. Unlike reading in real life, Internet readers have the tendency to scam over items and bold letters catch their eye.

If you were to write a post on the top 10 blogging tips of all time and broke the post down into diffrent parts, the readers could read what they want to read. Let’s face it, readers are going to scan our work so why not give them something to scan over.

List building works great for article writing too. I use list whenever I write articles if the article is going to be long and drift off to many different points. I stay on topic better when I have a list of things that I want to put in it and it helps my readers to see if there is anything that I can teach them.

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