Building trust can add to more readers and sells

Without trust, your site would slowly and steadily fall apart. Trust is something that all readers need to have in the owners of companies and websites. Trust is created by not lying to people about your experience, the quality of your merchandise, or the things that you do to make money. Lying to your readers will only loose their trust and cause your site and business to have a bad reputation.

One might ask how to make money if you do not lie to your readers, easy, just tell the truth and they will soon follow. If you are writing a how to book on becoming a millionaire in ten years, you better write something that will actually tell them how to do it if not, you just might not sell another book. Whatever it is that you are promising them, should be delivered no matter what. If it is costing you money in the beginning, don’t worry readers who trust you and your site will continue to come back which means more profit for you.

I once bought an e-book from a lady who promised to teach me how to build a better savings. I didn’t learn anything that my six year old daughter didn’t already know by reading this e-book. Needless to say, I was very disappointed and would not purchase anything else from this person. I was also told in the e-book that I would learn how to save for retirement and be able to retire at the age of thirty-five, this person was only looking out for the people who are wealthy and not the potential customers who are average people. This person did not deliver the way that they said that they would and I categorize this as lying.

I will admit that after writing on my first blog, I had to go back and edit a lot of the post because I wasn’t delivering on my promise to my readers. I thought that making a really good sells pitch would get me a lot of sells. I was wrong to thing that by tricking the customers into purchasing an item, they would buy the merchandise and I would make a living off of this. What I did was lie to the customers by not giving them what they thought they were getting. I edited the post to show my own personal experience with the product and a short summary of what others thought of it. My sells not only went up, I had an increase in sells on other items. People were buying more of the products because they trusted me.

Trust is everything when it comes to creating readers and customers. Without trust, your customers will find somewhere else to go and you will probably end up giving stuff away for free just to get rid of it.

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