The top 3 tips to making money blogs

These days there are many people finding out exactly what kind of power a blog can hold. There are many people out there quitting their day jobs to take on the blogging career. While blogging can make a large income on the web, how come not too many people know exactly how to do it? Well, it is one of the best kept money making secrets on the web today and I am going to let you in on a little hint on how to make some money,

Blogging is a completely free thing to get started doing. You don’t have to pay for hosting and you don’t have to worry about it never being found in the search engines. Did you know that blogs are highly rated to Google, yahoo and the other popular search engines? You have a better chance getting ranked well from a blog rather then creating a website from scratch.

Here are a few tips that you can use to get started on making money from blogging. After you are done reading through this, you should get started immediately so you can see the true power a blog can really have.

-Choose a Niche

When you first start a blog you have to figure what exactly you will want to be talking about. For your first blog, I recommend that you choose a niche that you know about that way you have no problems writing a few posts about it. Also, once you choose your niche make sure to do a search for popular keywords that are being search for that pertain to your niche. You will use these keywords throughout your blog.

Go over to click bank next and find a product that matches your niche. Once you do make a link for it and then start putting that link in your blog posts.

-Content in Your Blog

When you set up your blog and you know what you will be talking about make a post about it. It is best to post immediately after you create a blog because it lets the search engines know that you will be posting for real and will not be using that blog for spam. Also, you need to post regularly in order to keep your blogs content fresh.


After you are done adding some content your blog is know ready to get traffic. You can do this by writing articles, social bookmarking, link building, forums and many more.

There you know have the top 3 tips to get your blog working to make money for your online business. Motivation is key and you should get started immediately in order to get results quickly.

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Guest Post By: Ashley McAllister

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