I Sound Like Britney Spears

I sound like Britney Spears when I say, oops I did it again. I had a few complications with my blog when I tried to move it from Yahoo! Small Business over to Godaddy.

It wasn’t Godaddy’s fault; Yahoo! was the ones with the issues and my hosting account plus the domain name that I had registered with them. I made a newbie mistake and didn’t back up my files on my blog. Actually, I want to rephrase that, I would have backed up my data on my blog except my two year old decided that she wanted to play with the computer while I was on the phone and she cancelled my account with Yahoo!. I still don’t know how she did that but oh well and the heck with the old blog. What is done is done and there isn’t no turning back.

There is good news and bad news that comes with what had happened to my blog, domain name, and hosting account.

The good news first

I get a fresh start which means that I can take everything that I have learned over the last couple of years and use it to build an even better blog. Yahoo! doesn’t upgrade wordpress so this is also good news that I finally found a great site that does upgrade and they are wonderful when it comes to their customer support. I probably called them three times a day for the first five days just because I had not clue as to what I was doing but I knew that I wanted my blog up as soon as possible.

The bad news

I lost a lot of valuable information from my blog and probably my readers. I not only lost this but I also lost my back links to some really good sites. I don’t know how long it will take me to build it back up but at least now I am able to do it right this time. I also learned that Yahoo! isn’t one of the best places to be doing business with.

The cost associated with the move

It cost me about $51 total for everything to set up my blog on a host and for my domain name. This charge was for transferring my domain name and for a year of hosting. I heard a lot of bad stuff about how hard it is to transfer a domain name and to set up a wordpress blog with godaddy but it was all rubbish. I called up the customer support and they walked me through every inch of information that I needed and then they made sure that I did it all right. I was highly impressed and it cost me a lot less than it did with Yahoo!.

I was paying Yahoo! $12.95 per month. Sure, they threw in a free domain name with it but my goodness that is $155 a year which is a lot more than I paid for GoDaddy. I didn’t realize that I was getting a horrible deal until after I did business with them for over a year and switched.

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